Published April 28, 2017



Q: Both the masterplan for the Shanshui Green Corridor and the one for the Natian Flower Farm seem extremely detailed. Can some of the buildings planned for the area be altered or moved from what´s already detailed? Can larger areas of this landscape be altered as well?
A: The submission should keep all of the existing buildings on the CAD drawings. The main landscape can be upgraded but changed, e.g. the alteration of small areas.

Q: Is the objective of the competition to address only one site in particular or we can work over several areas?
A: The participants could choose one or several areas in the park or the green corridor to design.

Q: What will be the judging criteria? Will a small installation be competing with an expensive building or tower in the same category for the 1st prize? Will there be any categories?
A: There is no category for the final review. A small installation will be competing with an expensive building or tower in the same category. The judging criterion is the “Identity for the Sustainable Design” but the function of buildings.

Q: When you say that the proposal has to be "constructible", can you give us an idea of what order of values you consider to be feasible?
A: Competition committee does not have any particular requirements for "constructible". We encourage creative design. Meanwhile, participants should consider the current construction technologies.

Q: Is there a restricted number for the participating group member?
A: There is not a restricted number for the group member. But we suggest that it’s better to have less than 5 people in each participating group.

Q: Does one person allow to submit more than one design scheme or to join more than one participating group?
A: One person only allows to submit one design scheme and to join one group.

Q: Can we determine its location or must we use the existing location?
A: The site has been chosen in the property line of the forest park or the green corridor.

Q: How do we access information on the materials and its pricing as per the city standards seeing how we may not be well versed with the local culture? Are there bylaws to follow?
A: The participants do not have to consider the budget at this stage. But we encourage participants to know more about Suqian through internet or other ways.